porate world, she currently indulges her passion for live theater full time as Staff Historian at Altarena, and Development Director and Stage Manager for Island City Opera in Alameda. In recognition of her achievements and contributions impacting the arts community and residents of Alameda County, she has been announced as one of the recipients of the Alameda County Arts Commission's 2015 Alameda County Arts Leadership Awards. 

chamber works, many of which were performed as part of concerts for the National Association of Composers, USA, where he is a lifetime member.

Jeff has been a music critic in the San Francisco Bay area since 1993, writing for many journals including San Francisco Classical Voice.

Susan Dunn, Production and Development, has been active in Bay Area theater for 25 years. Her production experience includes Cabaret and the 75th Anniversary Gala and Museum shows for Altarena Playhouse, and several private SF and San Jose shows.  She is proud to bring needed business skills to the arts.  Recently retired from a system-design career in the cor-

Jeff Dunn, composer and co-lyricist, first began to love the creation of musicals when Meredith Willson played a preview of his The Unsinkable Molly Brown on the piano at Jeff's childhood home. Earning a  B.A. in Music at Grinnell College, Jeff went on to a career in geology and project management while composing art songs, a film  score,  incidental  music  for  plays,  and 


Castle Happy Partners is the licensing agency for the musical comedy Castle Happy​ and other ventures.

John Freed, playwright and co-lyricist, developed the original idea for Castle Happy. A Pennsylvania native. John reached the high point of his acting career there at age seventeen playing the lead in Kiss me, Kate. He received a standing ovation for his fireman's carry of his co-star off the stage after her slap nearly knocked him out at the close of Act One.

John has taught dramatic literature, especially Shakespeare, at Penn State as well as being the theater critic for the Erie Daily Times and the film critic for New York's OneWorld Magazine. He adapted Richard Wright's novella The Man Who Lived Under-ground as a radio play produced by the local National Public Radio station and co-wrote When Shakespeare Was a Woman while functioning as pro bono drama consultant for the artistic director of Pittsburgh Public Theatre.

His theatrical play-writing evolved further while teaching at the University of St. Thomas in Texas and at Brandman / Chapman University in the Bay area.   During this time he wrote  Love me, Fuseli: A Play about Mary Wollstonecraft and her Circle of Friends,  Figaro's Follies – a new adaptation of  Beaumarchais' Figaro plays  –    and  The Merchant of Pittsburgh: A Comedy