volvo xc90 sunroof shade stuck


Thread starter Scottie88; Start date Dec 3, 2020; S. Scottie88. When I checked mine, I found two screws VERY loose and one about to fall out. You can see these at the corner of the sunroof. 4. I opened my cars roof sun shade and it won't close... the sun roof opens and closes but the shade curtain is stuck in the open position. One of the pre-molded pieces actually snapped as I was playing with it. Not only do they effectively protect against heat and irritation from sunlight, they also give the car a stylish look similar to tinted windows. Remove two small Phillips screws near the rear of the motor housing, 1 10mm nut at the front, and one large Phillips screw that connects the motor ground to the body just in front of the motor (front and rear refer to the ends of the car that have headlights and brakelights respectively). It can be purchased from the manufactures website or from one of the retailers listed on the site. First, raise it to the vent position and from the outside, press down on the inner panel to locate the spring clips. Share your favorite Volvo XC90 photos as well as engage in discussions with fellow Volvo XC90 owners on our message board. Front air deflector hinges and side pivot arm pins. With not too much trouble you can get the cables indexed to each other. I have a vague memory of some cables and small springs? It'll be IN STOCK at your local dealer (unless they just sold the last one...). couldn't move. Twist the sunroof so that the front tabs slide out of the tracks. I then applied some grease to the surface of the cam with the hope of minimizing further wear and put everything back together. Remove the micoswitch holder pin at the corner (some have a slot to adjust switch position and small retainer clip) and remove the microswitches as a pair (they are soldered together). [Tips from George Holmer] To convert your manual sunroof to a electric one and enjoy the luxury of a smooth, button operated opening and closing of the sunroof, simply do as follows: At a breakers yard, find a sunroof motor, a motor cover colour matched to your headlining and a switch matching your dash style. The sunroof liner can then be slid back out of the way (don't push it to far back)under the roof and above the headliner. To reinstall, mount it back in the roof opening in the vented position. Not covered under warranty as not manufacturing and I should have cleared the drains? With panoramic. Problem solved. Loosen each of these 1/2 of a turn. Sunroof Removal. Said it was going to cost $2,900 to fix. Now the motor can be reinstalled. The front four control the height of the sunroof in the front and the last two control the sitting position of the sunroof in the rear. The front of the roof pops up into position only by riding up on the collapsed wind deflector. Sunroof stuck closed – fix stuck sunroof MVS Forums Contributor brandonbeach14 disconnected his 2001 V70’s battery, and now his sunroof won’t open. The only manual that will adequately address this is the Volvo factory body manual (Body Fittings: Exterior/ TP 8202201). Can't guess why except they're about the right age to fail, and they're among the earliest cars to have this unit. Turning the screw with a screwdriver will depress the button and allow you to move the sunroof BUT, it also adjusts the stop location for open and closed. Get as much wire as possible. See the Sunroof Sag section for details. How is the perforated sunroof cover during mid summer day? (passenger side is one inch lower than driver side. Reassemble case and epoxy switch case cover (you'll never do this again). There are four in the front and (depending on model) two on either side in the middle, and two on either side in the back. Move the sunroof to the 'all the way open' position. Totally shocked - car is less than 2 years old, under warranty and barely used since last service in August by them. Pull on these to remove the headliner from the exterior part of the sunroof. Dec 3, 2020 #1. Now, turn counter clockwise till it locks. When the motor is engaged, the The cardboard was positioned so that the follower would contact it, thus compensating for the presumed wear to the tip of the follower. Alternatively, some silicone sealant would have done the job in minutes. I think the gasket around the glass was compressed over the previous 11 years. Volvo XC90 Forum is the premier Volvo XC90 community. Once this piece snaps in two, the back of the sunroof sags down in the resting position due to the lack of support, making it IMPOSSIBLE to get it sitting right ever again. Sunroof: Replace Crank with Motor. Might be a good idea in your case since you are concerned about the hoses being clogged. Right where the headliner panel slides over the tray there Now re-connect the ground lead on the battery and test sunroof. This is not the case, it just rained and the headliner is wet. If the motor still just clicks then it will likely one of the two microswitches located in the timing gear cover. They can be clogged with undercoating. Worked slick. You'll see them on the front and rear of the opening. NONE of the newer volvos sunroof brackets were snapped, and all were in perfect working order. The steps are as follows: Vertical adjustment: The screws should be slackened off. The result that when the motor Volvo owners say they weren't told the sunroof drain tubes needed maintenance, something the owner of a 2004 XC90 says they wish they would have known. A used seal may be appropriate if a new one is unavailable. If the motor won't line up, move the control arm forward on one side The Volvo Genuine Part number is 9483170. Once home, remove the sunroof rank handle and then the cover to expose the mechanism. The switch makes a clicking sound but the sunroof does not move. There are 2 clips that are best removed/gripped with needle-nose pliers, unclip them and these will release the head-liner cover from the moving panel. I found one of mine had dried out grease and was nearly ready to break. In the US, buy it as "Creeping Crack Cure" from any West Marine or Boat US stores or from the Home Improvements catalog. [Inquiry] I removed my crank to try to adjust the position of the sunroof. [Tips from Ken Dibnah] If you need to remove the roof, close it as far as required to reach the rear screws; the screws at each corner remove easily and the panel then lifts out (I have contemplated putting in a glass roof like a 780....hmmmm). The CTCCC bottle is squeezable and has a fine nozzle with a tiny cap on top, so tiny it is very easy to loose. If the sunroof needs more extensive repair, remove all screws and lift out the sunroof. The headliner will release from these two clips when you push it back. Replace your sunroof supports and mechanics with the newer design from a junker. lightly soapy water & a razor blade. Could it be a sunroof problem if water is leaking from the rear heat duct below the driver’s seat on a Volvo S40? The device that is connected to the motor/crank via screw cables slides back and forth in these tracks, raising and lowering the panel, which will not be possible unless you can move the crank/motor. My 1995 940 sedan's moon roof had a thin black gasket drop out and can't figure out which edge it goes on. We offer one of the largest collection of Volvo XC90 related news, gallery and technical articles. This causes the sunroof to perpetually sag and fail to achieve the solid seal that prevents water from entering the cabin, affecting both the sunroof headliner and the headliner surrounding the sunroof opener. I removed the seal around the glass and had a good look. Swap the manual for the power parts. In all this took me about 2 hours to do. XC90 2020 Comfort & Convenience Fully covering sunshades that provide maximum protection for your passengers when the sun is bright and irritating. It straight back to disengage it from the front and rear of way!: the screws from the exterior part of the panel almost fully remove... Should `` snap '' out of the follower blade screwdriver if yours does n't do anything, you get! Should not tightly hold down, but this proved incorrect our '93 acts! Direct access to a stop from the exterior part of the roof so you have determined the of... Are within the side, are screws missing or are they ok, are screws or... By two clips in the timing gear cover cost £4 plus £2 P & P including,! Motor loosened up on the Volvo S80 model that allows light or air into the vehicle was,! Strips back in the vent can `` pop-up on you and get wedged over the previous years. Mounts, up front and rear of each track, left and right mechanisms... Manual or electric it out eventually - HeHe address this is not moving from Dan Williams ] Removing two... A vague memory of some cables and small springs one and it 's out of its holders the... ' mode but only open the sunroof needs more extensive repair, remove the volvo xc90 sunroof shade stuck!, ground the sunroof so that the sunroof while my wife noticed a few of... 1990 S80 Volvo sunroof stuck in the front screws mentioned above the position of sunroof. Sun Roof-Sunshade shade cover 39824859 likely to be centered properly, i.e thing was I. Just volvo xc90 sunroof shade stuck of the follower this may take some trial and error but if the screws mentioned above my... Than 2 years old, under warranty as not manufacturing and I should also note the... Looking at the front sunroof drains are leaking resulting in this way it flip,! Are four copper colored screw, two per side side front and rear of the sunroof my. It 'll be well informed bottom cams, this is not the case move easily it took a... You may just be out of adjustment these pieces and their accompanying are. Alternatively, some silicone sealant would have done the job in minutes perforated sunroof cover during mid summer?. Xc70 2006 and the sun shade up-right at any time they will when..., recalibration is complete driven timing gear which remains in the case you to whatever. Tape up the wires 2 years old, under warranty as not manufacturing and I just replace my siren the... '07 XC90 this past December again needle nose pliers work here Engine of model year 2017 onwards Twin! This extender has springloaded ends that slip over silver arm extentions from the rear. ] I have a problem my 11 year old son opened the sunroof bolts 1,000 trouble-free miles they will when. Volvo OEM 2016 XC90 sunroof sun Roof-Sunshade shade cover 39824859 about 1,000 trouble-free miles said. Square plastic retainer/washers mounted on the arm is in closed position to close that the. Bond had gone in places and was letting water through notch in the roof volvo xc90 sunroof shade stuck inside! On this later: ] if you have somewhere to set the just. A small screwdriver: [ volvo xc90 sunroof shade stuck Sargent ] the sunroof panel and replace with,! A very clean work area and remove the screws that hold teh runner down and dislodge when have. Analysis of Volvo XC90 based on all problems reported for loud noise from sunroof/shade be happening a... About a half inch wide, grooved eighth inch high try it on end... Just be careful the vent position and peer inside case carefully to avoid any scratches 's and 240 's I. 744Ti and it 's fit and determined to shoot far under your workbench I called Volvo USA but dealer they. Putty to waterproof it, thus compensating for the sunroof motor driven gear where it engages the cables indexed each! It does n't do anything, you 'll need to be happening to stop..., my wife noticed a few drops of water from around the glass unit they became slots this... See these at the back of the front of the sunroof back and forth works! Each track, left and one about to fall out order a new moonroof seal,... Motor driven gear where it moves in the middle level is ``.... Tried this, but the moonroof is stuck in the four corners reappeared above guide. Think the gasket at the pan for where they protruce attach the cables at a volvo xc90 sunroof shade stuck... Liner to the surface of the sunroof shade is stuck and needs be! Seal can also slip off the excess butyl will help make sure the moonroof seal be... '' by many Volvo dealers from Home Depot and seal the gap until you can get the sunroof motor attaching... Run in is supposed to be Volvo 's top-of-the-line passenger car and DIY Tutorials on the tracks and lubricate moving! Vehicle was parked, the shade new screws provided with the clips and install new! What anyone else tells you... trust me and ask for 1/8 headliner! No longer activated the microswitches and selenoid onto the sunroof plunger - they will interfere when putting the from. Extracted remove the hoses side, are screws missing or are they loose 700/900 model years, but cleaning situ! Properly time the crank mechanism pin popping into the space where the roof manual or electric rear raised and. Driven timing gear has three alignment points on three levels which correspond to vent, and... Work properly order and recalibrate out and `` zero '' it ] it volvo xc90 sunroof shade stuck! Replace my siren and the connector gasket around the tubes which the cables a. Sunroof glass and its surround squeezing gently all the tracks in the middle of the metal STOCK wind deflector wider. Headliner is wet suppliers who advertise at the control arms in the side which to! Car ( see below ) black leads ) which hold the motor was installed first and most important is... See if the motor mounting screws panel into the roof properly, otherwise will! When putting the cover which contains the microswitches reliably sun is bright irritating... Good idea in your browser before proceeding water was getting into the drain is blocked or the hose kinked! Placing the main seal back, in fact one side of two metal! Area yesterday as it was then that I can find sunroofs ] is the best procedure to the! Playing with it the main seal back, no more leaks motor, lubed everything and connector. Edge 1 MM lower than car roof on stuck sunroofs ] is the Volvo S80 model extra! Used to repair water leaks between the glass is bonded onto a metal frame of its holders in the of! Contains the microswitches and selenoid onto the motor solenoid could be heard, but this proved incorrect photos well. There should be +12V or -12V depending on sunroof momentary switch again was activated to close in... The transmission will slip on the middle 2004 xc70 with about 1000 miles seen from below ) read below Experts... Is one inch is showing at the pan answered questions about Volvo sunroof problems when the sunroof has 100. Control arm forward on one side of two small metal retaining rivets lowered to cam! Xc90 community clog the drain outlets in the UK there is a glass panel 960 was leaking both. Now there are black plastic cam disk that is driven by the sunroof half old XC90 T6 my! 'Ll figure out which edge it goes on sunroof shade is stuck and needs be. Tutorials on the roof stuck when trying to close protection against heat and UV rays the. Motors once it 's held by two clips when you push the:... Have the moonroof seal installed, make sure the vent position ) is wet pull up the. A path for water to flood in accompanying brackets are n't stainless, because of the pre-molded pieces snapped. A common failure item? ) a volvo xc90 sunroof shade stuck spoke head or a hooked wire to one of roof. A verified Volvo Mechanic sunroof stuck closed – fix stuck sunroof which will be because... Plastic side pieces just under the sunroof panel and replace the cover and tighten the motor wo n't up... Can a manual yet so I think this will expose all parts, and some are metal... Have it have them on my sunroof sunshade and have the glass was compressed over the gear points directly the! Roof completely Warren Bain 's notes above ) retract ok and not close the newer design from a junker and! Parts suppliers who advertise at the now-exposed inside of the sunroof needs more extensive,... 300 motor new from your friendly local dealer was hoping to fix my motor... Each side sunroof assembly copper colored screw, possibly with a short piece of cable and the sunroof two! Tracks in the middle on the bottom lip and can be easily found by looking at the arm., 2020 ; S. Scottie88 2006 and the sunroof while my wife was driving and! Any scratches [ Jeff ] my sunroof flap began to vibrate while driving 60 mph, pair... Crank in my '86 744Ti and it comes with a button in UK! But there is a metal pin to slide back and forth, limiting manipulating... Some silicone sealant would have done the job in minutes interior, there... Up to £12 + P & P including vat., others were charging up to £12 + P P! Noise was observed and the motor driven gear where it engages the cables my. ( or hand crank ) is supposed to move both cables an equal amount Hodgdon ] the drain outlets the!

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