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At some point after his investigation, Armstrong and World Marshal/Desperado took an interest in Samuel Rodrigues' abilities, and arranged for him to arrive at Denver. After he's bulked up on metal, the nanomachines moved it around, both on reflex and on his own conscious effort. While any of the bosses in the game are all extremely awesome, special credit goes to the Final Boss, Senator Armstrong, who first fights you in a block-sized Metal Gear before absolutely thrashing Raiden in a fight, firmly solidifying his status as a complete and total badass. Steven Armstrong (スティーヴン・アームストロング, Sutīvun Āmusutorongu?) While fighting him, he eventually retreated to the top of one of the structures and utilized his abilities to hurl five Hammerhead choppers at Sam, before jumping down and beckoning for him to continue the fight. Senator Armstrong is awesome, arguably one the best boss fights in recent years but insanely difficult for those unaccustomed to his unique brand of Democracy. Biographical information Gray (sometimes glowed red in 2018 due to nanomachines). Occupation Senator Steven Armstrong voiced by Alastair Duncan and 1 other . Armstrong was eventually elected to one of Colorado's seats in the United States Senate. If you're really having trouble with this QTE, skip it by Ninja Running towards Armstrong so that the rock flies past you. This healing phase is bad news to a weaponless Raiden; avoid getting disarmed at any point when Armstrong's health is below 90%. This showed that his nanomachines seemed to work best when an attack is slower or when Armstrong was prepared for and aware of the attack. For one, while they're very powerful indeed, Armstrong's nanomachines seemed to be incapable of reacting to sudden or rapid forms of damage. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Senator Steven Armstrong Alastair Duncan is the voice of Senator Steven Armstrong in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, and Unshō Ishizuka is the Japanese voice. Black with traces of white Evade the boss but stay close so you don't need to cover so much distance to get in your licks. The clip served as part of a viral marketing campaign for Metal Gear Rising, later appearing on the game's teaser site. A graffiti marked campaign poster featuring Senator Steven Armstrong. Armstrong then dismissed him as he had other matters to attend to, although not before promising to talk to him soon. His ideals were valued by Mistral and she greatly revered him to the point that she developed romantic feelings for him. The latter ability could also be used to free himself if trapped underneath rubble, as evidenced by his fight with Raiden. Nationality He also uses his homing charge attack a lot more often. However, he fought Raiden because he is the only one who would expose the truth of what happened. Armstrong hated cherry blossoms, expressing this distaste to Monsoon. Free iOS App iPhone & iPpad. Armstrong could also generate fire-like energy similar to Raiden's ability to generate lightning, using it to enhance his physical attacks, surrounding himself in an aura of fire and charging his foes, and creating powerful explosions of fire by punching the ground. In a Codec conversation with Kevin Washington, Raiden jokes that Armstrong would not have a problem dodging shoes from angry protesters. so save it for anything that has to do with flames, as well as when he charges while glowing yellow. the gekkos during metal gear can heal u, and then during the last part, cutting the flying debris gives u paste. Armstrong telling Monsoon about his disgust to cherry blossoms. His plans involved governing the current USA and then reforming it so that people could fight for their own decisions, in accordance with more individualistic ideals. Finish Armstrong off as you did the other bosses and YOU WIN. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Final BossSenator Armstrong Boss Fight (Final Boss Battle). Nanomachines also made it possible to restrict the host's actions, such as shooting a gun, and to stimulate the host's muscle fibers using ciliary motility. Armstrong believed in the notion that "might makes right." Direct involvement in Desperado activities, スティーヴン・アームストロング. Armstrong also acted as the final boss of the Jetstream DLC, which elaborated on how Sam got recruited into World Marshal/Desperado. His skin, as a result of the hardening, would become highly resistant to physical damage, and combined with his increased healing speeds, rendered Armstrong virtually indestructible to nearly any form of blunt force. However, he ended up accidentally causing a huge mess from raising his head up suddenly from being alerted, after Sunny accidentally stepped on his tail. The conversation was later leaked onto the Internet. In this regard, he viewed those who were "strong" as the ones deserving of dictating the laws of society, and that the "weak" should be purged so as to create a perfect world. However, although a member of the Navy, he never saw actual combat during his time in the service. Sometime after th… The lyrics are almost an apology for fighting, acknowledging the sameness between two fighters and accepting that their conflict is inevitable. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is an action hack and slash video game developed by PlatinumGames and published by Konami Digital Entertainment. Armstrong in his super form will do red and gold attacks (the former can be parried or countered, but evasion is better, while the latter is unblockable). Blade Wolf survived Armstrong's attack, and proceeded to live at Solis with Sunny and George in the aftermath of Operation Tecumseh. Steven Armstrong's nanotech-infused heart. However, Armstrong seemed to harbor a bit of a dislike for - or, at the very least, was annoyed with - Sam even after his recruitment into Desperado, as after hearing an audio recording of Sam's final words to Blade Wolf before his duel with Raiden, Armstrong remarked "Even dead, he's a pain in my ass." Plus you'll also get to replenish your supply of Repair Nanopastes. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Armstrong was born and raised in Texas. Note the white color and the hexagonal pattern. Repeat this pattern until Armstrong triggers a QTE, followed by some more Blade Mode requirements (cut his fists, then his head). Despite this, he was still considered a presidential nominee for the 2020 elections, and was even considered to be a "shoo-in.". Armstrong was a cigar smoker, smoking twice while on top of EXCELSUS, and was shown to be extremely coarse in his language, both traits being especially evident before, and during, the initial fight between Raiden and Armstrong on top of EXCELSUS. An extremely nationalistic, patriotic and libertarian individual, Armstrong often expressed the desire to "reclaim the American dream" by instigating another American Revolution after Liquid Ocelot's insurrection and the Patriots' actions that weakened America. Alastair Duncan United States NavyDesperado Enforcement LLC.World Marshal Inc. And make sure you go retrieve Raiden's weapon right away should he get disarmed. This is Senator Armstrong, He is the de-facto boss of R-07. Its final lesson is carved deep in my psyche: that this world, … In developer notes for his concept art, included in the Collector's Edition of the Piggyback Guide, character designer Yonghee Cho mentioned that his body was filled with nanomachines to an even higher capacity than Vamp's, and thus granted him far more power than anyone could imagine. Armstrong smokes a cigar during Operation Tecumseh. You need to use manual Blade Mode to cut the row of red boxes of the large obstacles Armstrong flings towards Raiden (failing will cause an explosion much like the fight with Sundowner). He also mentioned that his initial designs emphasized intelligence and made him look sharper, but it was changed because some members felt that the face was not impressive enough. In part, due to his background from the state of Texas, Armstrong sometimes utilized lingo from the area, such as referring to his opponents as "son." is the main antagonist of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Senator Armstrong is the antagonist from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. [3] That same year, just as was feared by his speechwriter, he was investigated for his ties to World Marshal Inc., the world's largest PMC as well as the largest distributor of cybernetic parts. Armstrong recovered, then proceeded to grapple Sam, swing him around, and hurl him into a passing Hammerhead. Etsu Tamari This QTE requires some precision cutting. His debut is similar to his first appearance in the game, where he takes down a Maverick cyborg APC gunner and also ends up surrounded by Maverick soldiers. Use the Defensive Offense skill to back off when you see him preparing to do something then contunue doing combos when it ends Although Ninja Run can be used to avoid his short-ranged attacks, moving back in wastes what little time you have to land combos especially if you ran far. The poster's date as well as his leaked conversation being on the Make It Right Viral Marketing Site implied that the events of Metal Gear Rising would take place around 2020. Metal Gear Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Advertisement Senator Steven Armstrong is not a good man. There’s a scene in MGS2 where Snake reassures Raiden that he has infinite ammo because of his headband , for instance. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Photos of the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (Game) voice actors. He was very arrogant and he held a sarcastic attitude. Armstrong then tried to land a right punch on Raiden, only for Raiden to successfully parry the blow away, also injuring his right hand in the process., Bush Dodges Shoes Thrown by Iraqi Journalist, Raiden eventually overpowered the grapple and headbutted him in the head, stunning Armstrong and causing Raiden to remove the sword from Armstrong's abdomen, and then proceeded to cut up his nanite core before impaling his chest with his arm. Raiden is only being brought up as a benchmark because Armstrong can react to him and catch his blade mid-swing, he can block Sam as well so long as he isn't using his sheathe. Texas, United States Although Raiden attempted to defeat Armstrong, he ultimately proved to be too powerful, with Armstrong revealing his nanomachines to be the cause of his nigh-invulnerability. However, Blade Wolf saved him by bringing to him Samuel Rodrigues' sword. Owing to the character's background, Duncan voiced the character with a Texan accent. Throughout the game, Raiden has done various slow-motion dodges of attacks or obstacles that have just barely grazed his metal chin, causing it to glow white hot for an instant. After attaching his severed right arm onto his body with the help of the nanomachines, Armstrong proceeded to successfully recruit Sam, who is now reluctant of the decision. If you want to leave Oogles a tip for writing this Metal Gear Solid: Rising Revengeance guide you can do so here. Hair color After words are exchanged between Blade Wolf and Armstrong, Armstrong kicked Blade Wolf away, although not before Blade Wolf threw the sword to Raiden. Seen on his Codec profile in the Jetstream DLC. His eyes resembled optical implants, although unlike cyborgs, his pupils only glowed a faint red and didn't emit a horizontal shine, as it's heavily implied to be a side-effect of his infused nanomachines. Born Play as Armstrong in the Sam DLC Permissions and credits Credits and distribution permission. In the closing of the battle, Armstrong proceeded to block Sam's sword strike with his right forearm, with Sam overpowering Armstrong. It is because of this mentality that he's able to hold great respect for Raiden despite his desire to kill him, as he viewed Raiden's life experiences (being brought up as a child soldier and eventually becoming a fugitive who refuses to conform to society's standards) as evidence that his philosophy was correct. Online, he has appeared in several memes, including Nanomachines, Son and 200% Mad. George voiced by Sean T Krishnan and 1 other. Raiden then deduced that he was not merely a "greedy politician" as he initially thought, but completely insane due to his reference to culling the weak and having the strong be free. Undeterred, Armstrong then tries to use a left jab on Raiden, only for Raiden to do the same to his left hand. During the battle, he explained his motives of wanting to remake America, feeling it had become rotten to the core, and re-establish America as a world where people fight for their own reasons, rather than that of the government. Died Armstrong, seeing Sam coming in fast, proceeded to harden himself for the blow, but Sam managed to use his quick-draw to overpower Armstrong's defenses with two slices. Also during this fight is a moment when Senator Armstrong throws an uppercut that narrowly misses Raiden's chin when he does a backflip to avoid it. Steven Armstrong He later implemented a crimson aura. Likewise, Armstrong's ability to heal himself pulled in glowing particulate streams, probably metal, to patch and repair damage done to his body. Raiden impaling Steven Armstrong's chest in Pakistan. After an intense battle, Sam seemingly was victorious over Armstrong. Armstrong's resilience was so great that a shot from a LAG-2 or FIM-92 Stinger would barely cause any harm to him, and even when Raiden ripped out his nanomachine-infused heart he was still able to talk for a few more moments before perishing. Metal Gear Solid: Rising Revengeance Walkthrough Boss Battle: Senator Armstrong Part 2. Armstrong was shown to be rather welcoming and somewhat gullible, quickly changing his mind and accepting Raiden when the two seemingly came to an understanding during their battle. Based in Denver, it also acted as the de facto government over Denver, even going as far as to control the police forces of the city in large part because of their being subcontracted out to them due to small government legislation passed by then-Colorado state se… Gray (sometimes glowed red in 2018 due to nanomachines) After it was destroyed, he proceeded to fight Raiden and even bring him to his mercy. Doktor, when speculating on the evolution of transhumanism, explained that nanomachines were still largely unexplored as far as augmenting human potential. Solid Snake Soul Sword The character proved memorable due to his over-the-top muscular structure and how he parodies American politics.

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