package says delivered but not here fedex


Or get ways to contact us for custom help. It was being shipped using Home Delivery and I have never had any problems with Fedex before but I checked all around my house and nothing. I use a 3rd party shipping program to ship via USPS. Here are just a few things your pizza delivery guy won’t tell you. There is no proof other than the delivery guy and his proof of delivery that he writes up. FIX: I gave up on Fedex and went to the company that had sent the item. The "delivery" occurred yesterday, I contacted fedex on behalf of the recipient and the driver responded stating that the package was actually delivered and he described the driveway and the home. Get info on shipping, accounts, missed deliveries, signatures, and labels. Been on hold now for 20+ minutes at 1 800 GO FEDEX. Often times in a situation like this, the package may have been marked delivered prematurely and will show up the following day. Fedex tracking indicates my package was delivered this evening. If FedEx has a signed release on file, you're pretty much screwed. FedEx tracking number ***** Package tracking says the package was delivered but it is not here. Find the answers you need. … I see what you're saying. Package delivered to recipient address - release authorized) and my wife arrived at 1 pm but there was no package. Most vendors, I have found will replace the item(s) at … The FedEx driver dropped off 4 packages and rung the doorbell and left before I could get to the door. Please contact work out a process to get a replacement watch sent out. It wasnt delivered here or at the neighbors either apparently. I don't know if it matters but where getting hit with snow and ice and we usually get packages from Fedex around noon but it said it was delivered … What a … So I am seeing an huge increase in the number of packages that are being marked delivered when the customer has acually not recieved them. ... John says. Using your tracking number, you can access your package's most up-to-date information. I thought that was weird that I was missing one, so I went to check and all 4 says delivered (all same timestamp, accurate) and the last 1 not delivered yet, BUT then I check an hour later and it says "delivered" with a … Call the sender to explain that though UPS says the package was delivered, you never received it, and after due diligence, you cannot find any evidence of the package being delivered. If at this point it still has not arrived, then the package is most likely stolen. I received an item from another seller on the same order on the same day USPS says they delivered the items (two from same seller) that were not delivered. At this point it is looking like the package was actually delivered and it may have been stolen from the porch. The packages typically do arrive 1 - 2 days later. Signature Service not requested." FedEx ebay's buyer protection is worthless if they do not … If the tracking page indicates that your shipment is on time, please use the ‘Estimated Delivery Date’ as a guide for when your shipment will arrive. Anybody else done this routine. You can track the status of your package online. FedEx may not ship your stuff. Need help? I had over 14 customers contact me this week, 4 were from this morning. But that still doesn't make sense because who is to say that fedex even delivered anything at all to my property. I filed a report with the Post Office, but they said the shipper has to file the claim, not the intended recipient. But that's assuming that the packages … It could have been my neighbors house he delivered it to. Waiting for dinner to be delivered?

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