spanish influence on philippine art


This article was sourced from Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. Philippine Architecture with a dip of Spanish Influence Posted: June 20, 2011 ... One of my experiences is something that has moved me to a different place considering that you are still in the Philippines.Can this experience be uniquely Philippines? The Spanish influence on Filipino culture has been profound, having originated from the Spanish East Indies. Can you give negative effect because I need it for a project. Filipinos today speak a variety of different languages including Cebuano, Tagalog, Ilocano, Ilonggo, and Bikolano, in addition to English— all of which contain up to several thousand Spanish loanwords. A variety of aspects of the customs and traditions in the Philippines today can be traced back to this influence. The natives of the Philippine Islands may be related to the Chamorro people in Guam and the Marianas Islands(Immediately renamed Islas de Ladrones during Ferdinand Magellan's Expedition) of the Pacific Ocean due to their racial similarity and for being geographically not connected to the Southeast Asian Region as a group of islands, but are rather different for the Pacific Islanders belong to the Polynesian, Micronesian, and Melanesian ethnic groups of the Pacific Ocean Region. About 5% are Muslim, and about 5% practised other religion, and those with no religion. The name of the Philippines comes from the king of Spain Philip II. American Influences in Philippine Art, Culture, Sculpture, Architecture, Literature, Music and Dance HISTORY • In 1898, the United States declared war on Spain. During fiestas, most communities organise church services and religious processions in honour of a patron saint, hold funfairs and concerts, and feast with a variety of Filipino foods. (Contributed by Rebecca, Philippines Baguio Mission, 2009-2011) Comments. Hispanic influence is based on Indigenous, and European tradition. Filipinos at home set up altars in the Hispanic tradition, adorned with Catholic images, flowers, and candles. Every year on the 3rd Sunday of January, the Philippines celebrates the festival of the "Santo Niño" (Holy Child Jesus), the largest being held in Cebu City. This Spanish naming custom countered the native Filipino naming custom wherein siblings assumed different surnames, as practised before the Spanish Conquest of the Philippine Islands. Spanish Influence American Influence Modernism Subject of Christian Art - is produced in Architectural buildings - A Portraits and Landscapes – Art an attempt to illustrate, general term to depicting scenes from rural areas supplement and portray … The Philippines, having been one of the most distant Spanish colonies, received less migration of people from Spain compared with the colonies in the Americas, Latin America. World Heritage Encyclopedia™ is a registered trademark of the World Public Library Association, a non-profit organization. This hispanization pervaded even the musical and choreographic practices of the people. On a ride from the Nambu Bus Terminal to Chongju, Sang Huin's... ...iness could not occur without them. What are some Japanese influence on the government of Philippines that is still being practiced or used today. Other nations in this era include the Sinified kingdom of Ma-i, represented by Huang Gat Sa Li-han and Sulu which, before its Islamization and Spanish colonization, was also an Indianized Rajahnate under its first ruler, Rajah Sipad the Older. During three hundred years of Spanish colonialization, the Philippine architecture was dominated by the Spanish influences. El Kundiman, 1930, Oil in Canvas. Spanish culture and traditions largely influence performing arts in the Philippines, but the contemporary style is borrowed from the Americans. Filipino which belong to the Austronesian(Malay Race) ethnic groups of the Southeast Asian Region.

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